16 Oct 2013

131002 Hongki (@skullhong)'s twitter tweet

Translation (bottom to top):

1) HK: Because during this Zepp Tour, our company's newly-debuting band, N-flying, will be performing the opening stage, please give them lots of support. Sigh.. When I first debuted, there were no seniors in the company, so I never had this kind of opportunity. I'm a little sad. This sadness now makes me want to take more care of our juniors. We will do well together, really, fighting!! Please

2) But even so, don't like them too much more than us..... I'll get my revenge, kekekekeke

3) Fan: Why... must you entrust your opening stage (to N-flying)?... Even if they come out for a little during the middle section, there's still an impact... Why..... Haa... What... Because you're the same company!! I'll be anticipating~~
HK: I've heard this a lot. All along, our time starts at 7, that's right, and (the time N-flying performs) is the time we are preparing for the performance... It's just that the fans enter the venue a little bit earlier ㅠㅠ I'm sorry


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