11 Aug 2017

My Music Taste Tutorial

My Music Taste Tutorial

Hello dear Singapore Primadonnas! This is our first tutorial blog, and we are all in high hopes that this will help a lot in achieving our goal- which is to bring FT ISLAND again here in Singapore as part of their South East Asia Tour through My Music Taste! ^^


So basically, My Music Taste is a website that help fans bring their favorite artist to their city/country through Making points. You may know more about them here 


Q: So how does My Music Taste work?

A: Fans gather on MyMusicTaste to make concerts and other live events in their city. MyMusicTaste uses this data to forecast demand by artist and location and supplies this information to promoters so that they can organize a successful event.


So we'll try our luck and put up together our efforts to bring FT Island here again through this.


Step 1: Go to mymusictaste.com 


Step 2: IF YOU'RE A NEW USER: Click Sign Up to create your account

You will need to secure an account first for you to Make Campaign


Step 2.1: Sign Up page will then appear as the photo below. You'll have to enter your details accordingly~ Remember to set your country code to SG! 😊  Click Next


Step 2.2: Then click next. After clicking next, a verification code will be sent to your phone number, and you must enter it here to verify the number


Step 2.3: After verifying the account, you will be redirected to the home page of Music Taste 😊 Click Set My City to set your country


Step 2.4: You need to set your City to Singapore, and verify your email address as well 😊


Step 2.5: You may also link your social media accounts on Social Media section so that when you log-in, you can save the typing~ 


Step 2.6: After these steps, and after verifying your mobile number and email address, you're now set to Make Campaign! 👏


Step 3: IF YOU'RE ALREADY A USER: Click Log In to log in to your account


Step 4: Enter your phone number/email address and password OR, if you have previously linked a social media account, you may log in using Connect With with either Facebook, Twitter, Google or VK, and click Log In

NOTE: SNS Log in will only work if you have previously linked it when you first created the account. If the system detected that there's no registered account, it will prompt you this error:

Okay this is important to note Pris! So basically, ONE ACCOUNT=ONE PERSON. If the system detected that the email address or phone number is already registered, you cannot create a new account using the same details. 

Step 5: After logging in, you will be directed to the Home Page of Music Taste. Type in FT Island (it will show suggestion below) and Singapore as shown below and click the arrow

Step 6: This is the Make Campaign Page. If you haven't made a campaign yet for FT Island, the 'Make the Campaign' button will be blue in color,meaning it's enabled. Click Make the Campaign

Step 7: After which, you will be redirected to a page which will ask you how much you are willing to spend for FT Island. Of course it's our boys so we should always give them the best so let's drag the slider to unlimited! 😁 This will help Music Taste gauge the demand of the artist


Step 8: Click Submit. After that, you're now a TasteMaker! Notice that the Make Campaign button is now gray in color and it's now replaced with 'MAKE COMPLETED', meaning you can only Make Campaign ONCE for a particular artist

Meaning,if you log in next time, you can no longer Make a Campaign for FT Island. So, the more email address and phone numbers you have, the more accounts you can use to Make for FT Island 😁

After that, what else to do? There's still a lot more! If you scroll all the way down in this page, you can see this:

This shows the status of FT Island, and as we can see, we're still quite far. But we believe that we can reach the goal by working together! 🙆

Alright, so you can also see below a section called 'MESSAGE TO FT ISLAND' In here, you can type in your message, and earn 15 leaderboard points afterwards.

Q: What are these Leaderboard points?

A: Leaderboard points are YOUR personal points. It's different from Make Points. Make Points are for the artist alone. Leaderboard points are used to rank Top 10 Tastemakers. 

Q: What are the Top 10 TasteMakers for?

A: Top 10 TasteMakers with the most leaderboard points will have access to amazing perks :)


Alright Pris, here's the interesting part. You may share out this Make link for FT Island either by Twitter of Facebook. If a friend Makes through your link, you will gain 50 leaderboard points! 👏


By this means too, more Pris will get to join the campaign of bringing FT Island here again in Singapore! ^^ 

You will also see the Top Cities and Total Make Points of FT Island by clicking their name here: 

Singapore currently has low Make Points, but through effort we know Pris we can also see our city listed in there ^^ 


So basically, that's it! We just need a lot of SG Pris to be TasteMakers to keep FT Island's Make Points going! 😊 Please do share this out to your co-SG Pris :)


For more information about the "How To's", "FAQs" and "Glossary", you may click the question mark beside Make Points as shown in the photo below:

Stop wishing, start making! Let's work together Pris and who knows we might bring them here again for their world tour! 😍

With love,



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