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5TISLANDSG - a Singapore based fan community dedicated to FTISLAND

Established in 2013, 5TISLANDSG aims to connect Primadonnas from Singapore and all over the world. 5TISLANDSG provides updates on FTISLAND, organize Korea and Japan album preorders, hold fan support events and collaborate with other fansite partners etc. We are a non-profit community that do NOT gain from donations and album preorders.

After some management shuffling, 5TISLANDSG started from a one man team and have expanded since. Now, the team includes a team of Primadonnas with a wide range of skill sets including translating, graphic designing, writing and photography.

Left to Right: Song Seung Hyun, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Min Hwan, Lee Hong Ki, Choi Jong Hun

Here are some past projects we have organized for FTISLAND:


FTISLAND FTHX Concert in Singapore 2014
Sewol Ferry Donation in the name of FTISLAND
Honggi Solo Fanmeeting In Singapore 2014

Lee Hongki Live302 Seoul Fan Support (HONGENIUS)
Lee Hongki Birthday Fan Support (HONGENIUS)
FTISLAND's 9th Anniversary Fan Support (PRIMADONNA WORLDWIDE), featured on Lee Jaejin's VLive App, episode Saico0111 #10
FTISLAND's Anniversary Fan Meet (HONGENIUS)
FTISLAND The Truth Day 1 Fan Support Project (HONGENIUS)
FTISLAND The Truth Day 2 + Song Seunghyun's Birthday Fan Support Project (PRIMADONNA WORLDWIDE)

Lee Hongki's Those Days Musical Fan Support Project (HONGENIUS)

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