15 Jan 2014

140109 Seunghyun (@chungxuan)'s twitter tweet

Translation (from bottom to top):

@coolmyung hyungnim~~!!!!!! Thank you!! With strength, fighting!!! ^^

I'm really thankful to the fans who came for M Countdown today; I found strength (from the support)!! And everyone, please be careful of catching a cold TT TT

"@saru337: In an unfamiliar and intriguing experience, I really thank all of those who gave the not-so-unfamiliar support!~~ hehe Song Sari and Song Saru will do our best together!~~^^" Sari-Saru team, fighting!

"@p_Lizzy Two Song Place is great, kekekeke. Age-Height is great keke" - Thank you, Lizzy Lizzy

"@ImpActorPJB Ah right our Seunghynnie hyung Two-Song's Age-Height, please show alot of support. It's really interesting, kekeke. I miss you, Seunghyunnie hyung" - kekekeke Jibin-ah, thanks. We shall eat sometime together!

"Cheongdamdong 111", which is now being broadcasted on TVN, is finally showing the formation of Two Song Place kekekekekekekeke it's so interesting, it's the last episode!! It's a pity, but everyone, please watch it!!

"Osh_yoru: @chungxuan I watched Age-Height, keke. It was surprisingly cute, keke, fighting! - Yes hyung!! Fighting, and don't get a shock

@portos724 Have a good night too, hyungnim! Hehe

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