27 Jan 2014

140121 Hongki (@skullhong)'s twitter tweet

Translation (top to bottom):

RT @Pri_dayeon @skullhong "Ah-nak", kekekeke "Island Octopus Place" kekeke Minan oppa's parents' shop!! - Ah!!!! Mine is Hongki Octopus 
(Note: "Ah-nak" is an abbreviation of the shop's name in Korean. The English name is just a direct translation.)

RT @PRI0301 @skullhong 
Heol, keke. When the drama filming is over, go and see! - But where is it..

RT @HANNIMSEUNGHYUN @skullhong Go to "Ah-nak"!! "Ah-nak"!! Keke*N - What is "Ah-nak"?

@skullhong: And... hurage siyo!!!!!!

RT @Pri_chicken Kekeke, Hongki and Octopus @skullhong http://t.co/AJ1KISjnH8 - This again.. I should go and see

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