28 Jan 2014

140128 Seunghyun (@chungxuan)'s twitter tweet

"@saru337 ah!! There is no cultwo show today hehe Sorry to everyone who have been waiting~~^^" - ㅜㅜ aigo... however it was good to be able to meet for awhile; fans who have been waiting, thanks thanks! Partner please be careful on your way back..ㅠㅠ

I will be having my first debut on screen with the movie "세상에 믿을 놈 없다" (Noone to trust in the world). I will carry a challenging and hardworking attitude and not forgetting to be thankful, happy and do (my role/job) seriously! I feel very blessed that loads of work has been given to be since the start of the new year!^^ Regardless of whether I am acting as part of FTISLAND or an actor, I will do my best.

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