12 Mar 2014

Hello all Primadonnas! 
It has been an eventful and exciting weekend for most of us! Although some of the primadonnas were not there with us, we would like to share what we did for FTISLAND on the concert day itself!! ^^ 

Thanks to all the generous donation we have received, we managed to receive a total amount of 1000SGD++!! THANK YOU. We were then able to proceed with the fan support as planned. if you have missed out on our post regarding the fansupport, click here! Yes we do have leftover funds which will be used for our next fan project :D

The pretty and gorgeous flowerstand!! Names of the donors were included in the card! Sadly, we forgot to take a picture of the card we included with the flowerstand. The card has a message from us SG pris to them :D

The simple, sweet and pretty 2-tier birthday cake (alcohol flavoured actually hehe) we got for our 2 beloved birthday stars, Honggi and Jonghun ^^ Hope they enjoyed the cake!! The only regret we had was that we could not take a picture from the front view as the cake box would have to be opened!!


 The hand banners designed by one of our fellow talented admin!! Isn't it nice? We decided to print 4000 banners!! Sadly, not all 4000 banners were given out~ some kind pris decided to bring home instead of letting them go to waste!! To those primadonnas who were not present but still want the banner, please email me as some kind pris do not mind giving the stack of banners they brought home!! Special thanks to the volunteers (you know who you are!) who gave the banners out to the other fellow primadonnas ^^ I am so happy that PROJECTFTISG's banners were completely given out!! 

While giving the banners out!! Happy (but tired!) primadonnas ^^;;

I would like to sincerely thank all primadonnas who were involved. Whether you are a donor, a reader, a supporter, a passer by, a stalker or a volunteer etc, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Without your support and love, this will not happen! FTISLAND would not be happy to see this, I hope we touched their hearts and will return back to Singapore soon for another concert.

Besides thanking you, I would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize. If there are anything that we did not do well, please feel free to complain & email us at 5tislandsg@gmail.com. (compliments are welcomed too xD) To be honest, I was really upset that I was not able to mingle with you Primadonnas as I was too busy with the cake, flowerstand etc. However, I believe we will have another time to see each other right? :D 

I am looking forward to see you the next time we meet, we will resume our translation activity very soon (sorry for being so dead!!) & till the next time we meet <3

Thanks and love,


  1. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the effort you n others had put in. Good Job.


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