19 Apr 2014

#PrayForSouthKorea - play a part to help the victims of the sewol ferrydisaster

Hi all Primadonnas, I am sure most of you have already heard about the devastating news about the Jindo Sewol Ferry accident. If you have not, read here for more information. 

I am sure most of us read articles related to this disaster - the high school students' heartbreaking sms and the heroes who sacrificed their lives etc. I know the articles are heart wrenching and most of us actually wish to help the victims and their family but am unsure how to, especially when we are far from South Korea.

However, we can now play a part thanks to Jonghun's fancafe (MYSTYLEJH), Jaejin's fancafe (FNC_JAEJIN) and Hongki's fansite (HONGSTARKR). According to their tweets, they will be donating emergency packs for the Jindo Sewol ferrys family of the victims in FTISLANDs name. Those who are interested to donate in FTISLANDs name for Sewol ferry can directly transfer the money to their bank accounts. 

Because the emergency packs are needed as soon as possible, they hope to receive all donations by the deadline for participating, which is Sunday (20/04). As this is decided hastily and will catch some awareness, they need all the help they can get, no matter big or small. They hope that you will participate and will anticipate your kind donations. 

I spoke to Jaejin's fancafe about the deadline and they are willing to extend till a later date for us as the bank needs time to process the money. So, 5TISLANDSG has decided to collect money from all Primadonnas and do a 1-time bank transfer so that the victims will receive a bigger sum of money. 

If you are interested to donate and help the victims, please email 5tislandsg@gmail.com in the following format:

Amount: (Minimum to be of 2SGD, if possible)

If you are NOT a Singaporean but wish to play a part, you can transfer the money through paypal to me.
If you have not received a response from us after emailing, please mention @5tislandsg on twitter! Make sure your account is not locked!

Deadline to transfer and email: Tuesday 22nd Apr 00:00

Please please please help to spread this around, so that more people will know about this donation project. Whether or not they are ftisland's fans, please spread this around so we can gather as much money as we can. I believe the money will be put into good use to help the victims and their family.

5TISLANDSG would like to send our condolences to the victims and their family members and hope they will be able to stay strong.. 
Thanks in advance for everyone's generous donation.

- This project has ended -

Special thanks to all these angels who donated ^^ We managed to raise a total amount of USD 500!!!!!!!!!

Joy goh
Li joo
Felicia Lee
Joeylyn Lee
Ahmed Al hassani


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