30 Sept 2016



Hello all!
We are very pleased to announce of our new updates! As with staff expansion, comes new implementations! We are no longer a one man’s team... happy to say that 5TISLANDSG is now operating along with 3 other staffs! We hope that these new changes will be a better bridge for 5TISLANDSG to connect with Primadonnas better!

5TISLANDSG has always been used as a platform to purchase FTISLAND’s albums… However, we want to grow beyond that, and blossom a fan community. What is that? Fan community or in other words, a fansite, a venue for Singapore (and International) Primadonnas to gather and discuss about FTISLAND, or just a medium to let out your fun, crazy and creative emotions and ideas! :D

New Updates:

1. Daily Translations of FTISLAND's Tweets and Instagram posts

If you have been following us on Twitter and Instagram (follow us @5tislandsg if you haven’t), you would have seen the frequent updates of FTISLAND's SNS activities. Yep, as part of our expansion plan, we are back at updating the  boys' SNS updates! The updates will eventually be posted on our website once every 2 weeks, to ensure outdated primadonnas to be able to catch up about our treasures!

2. Fansupport Updates

We have added new sections to our fansite! Think you know who we are already? Maybe not! We now have "About Us" to let Primadonnas to know us further! We have also prepared our projects section, showing the various projects we participated in, both locally and internationally! We hope that our past projects will gain more support and trust from you Pris to support us more ^^

3. Forum

A Forum? What's that? Sounds so old-fashioned! But hey, it is to get the ball rolling! Start engaging with our Primadonnas, and knowing that you're not alone! Feel free to add new topics to the thread, as long as you're not breaking the forum rules stated there. Talk, discuss or spazz about anything under the sun! Added features: Start selling, buying and trading! However, note that everything is transacted at your OWN risk.

And yeayyyy, FTISLAND is coming to Singapore!!! Therefore, we would like to have your most creative ideas for our future fan support! Get your creative juices flowing, share with us your opinions for a welcoming hospitality to FTISLAND and their crew! Come on, we waited 3 years for this! We have gotten a topic going, help us get it rolling!

4. Schedule
In conjunction with Twitter and Instagram updates, we have dedicated a page for FTISLAND's schedule. We know it's a chore to visit FNC website just to have a look at FTISLAND's schedule. Their schedule is always not updated and messy. Therefore, we aim to make ours user-friendly in a simple table form. WE will try our very best to keep you Pris updated!!!

5. Contact Us

Yes! A 'Contact Us' page is necessary! We realise that we are still unable to reach out to all Primadonnas via social media. Therefore, just in case you may urgently need to contact us and have questions, please just submit the contact form. We'll get back to you the soonest by 3 working days :)

6. Mailing List

If you are not subscribed to it already.. leave us an email and we'll gladly include you into our exclusive mailing list! Do not worry about spams though, we will send out specially curated content on FTISLAND once per month (only)!

Thank you for taking your time to read!
Do stay in touch via social media and forum platform!
See you very soon!

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With love,


  1. Thanks for include me...just update me any news about concert specially ticket

  2. Hi Ikalee! Sure, more then happy to do so! :)


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