31 Jan 2017

Happy 2017 Primadonnas!

If you don't already know, FTISLAND is coming to our sunny island on 11th Feb 2017, 7PM at Singapore Indoor Stadium!!
If you have yet to get your tickets to the concert, you can get it from:
  • www.sportshubtix.sg 
  • Box office at the Singapore Indoor Stadium Admin Office
  • +65 6333 5000
  • All SingPost Outlets

After waiting for 3 years, FTISLAND is finally stepping into the shores of Singapore again! We are excited and happy to have them here with us! It's been long and no matter what reason it is that took them awhile to hold another event here, it's time to show our love and support!! (so that they will come again MORE OFTEN!)
After the tough times they endured in Korea and promoting in Japan, FTISLAND finally released "Where's The Truth"! To show our support their self-penned hard rock album, we decided to organize a few meaningful fansupport events.

Let's make [The Truth] a memorable one for the boys. What does [The Truth] mean to you? Truthfully.... it's time for Singapore to shine. Singapore is outsized as compared to other countries, we have smaller headcount and of course, lesser Primadonnas. 

We hope that through the effort and support we'll provide during the concert, FTISLAND will feel and realise that there are still Primadonnas supporting them from afar. They need not be afraid to be who they are, because we will love them regardless!

Let's unite as ONE, shall we? Oh don't forget to keep it a secret from the boys! ♡ 

The proposed fan projects are as stated

Disclaimer: The stated fan support items are NOT FOR SALE and for fan support purposes only. 

1. Backstage Food Support

An exciting range of food will be placed at the backstage where FTISLAND and the staffs would be at before/after the concert! Food will be supplied from third party to cater to both the sweet and savoury taste. Arrangement will be similar to the ones we did previously for Hongki's proposal fanmeeting, which you can view here!


2. Flowerstand


A glorious red and yellow coloured flower stand will be given to FTISLAND. Picture for reference only. There will be a card with a list of donors (in ascending order of amount donated) who contributed to the project! Arrangement will be similar to the ones we did previously for FTHX, which you can view here!


3. Surprise Event: Handheld Item #1

As per usual, we will be doing our banner in cloth/banner material (depending on budget). We will be holding this up when they are performing the song "We Are...". It's a sentimental song and all the boys will be singing to this song together.

At one part of the song, the boys will be singing "Always Stand By Me/항상내켵에서있어". The slogan, "항상네켵에서있어", which means "Always Stand By You" will act as a reply to them. Aww, can you feel the love already? :) Plus point: 14 Feb is valentines day hehe! 

 To refer to the song and lyrics, please view:

4. Surprise Event: Handheld Item #2

FTISLAND went ahead with their dreams, labelled themselves as rock musicians, and released a Rock Single! This is really brave for them as rock is not popular in the music industry as K-pop or Hiphop is the in-thing now.

To commemorate their first Rock single, we have decided to do something cool to show our support for their love for ROCK! \m/ We will hold this handheld item during the song "Take Me Now".

May they follow their dreams, excel and do their best for their music career. Let's Rock With FT Forever!

*Limited qty avail*

To refer to the song and lyrics, please view:



How To Contribute?
If you have been following us tightly, donations have closed on 31 december. However, we will extend to 4th Feb to raise more money, as you guys have requested!

The minimum donation amount is SGD $5.00. Overseas fans are welcome to donate, please email 5tislandsg@gmail.com!

Ways you can make your contribution:
  1. ATM transfer (POSB SAVINGS 200-69106-7) 
  2. iBanking transfer (POSB SAVINGS 200-69106-7)  
  3. Paypal (for international fans ONLY)
a. After transferring, please email us at 5tislandsg@gmail.com with a snapshot of your payment :

Contact Number:
Amount Transferred: 
Payment Mode: (Ibanking/Bank transfer)


1. More information regarding collection of fan support items will be released at later date via TWITTER &  INSTAGRAM. So please follow us for the latest news!

2. We are currently recruiting volunteers for the event, please click here to register! Join us! 

3. Be prepared for the concert, sing and rock along with them. 5TISLANDSG has kindly put together a setlist for you, so you can be more ready for the concert! Please click here for the setlist!

4. Fansupport items are first come first served basis. For donors aka those who donated, you NEED NOT queue for the items as items will be reserved. Specific information will reach you via email!

5. Future announcements or mini updates will be done via our social media platforms, so be sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram :)

If you do have queries about our projects, you can either email us (5tislandsg@gmail.com) OR tweet us at @5TISLANDSG. Please give us 3 working days to reply :)




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