31 May 2017

10th Anniversary Over 10 Years Comeback Album Pre-Order
Hello Primadonnas!!

Can you believe that FTISLAND is a decade old?? Time flies so fast! Love Sick 2007 then, and now

Love Sick 2017. Our first love...

7th June 2017 is the day FTISLAND turns 10! And on that same day, they will release their 10th anniversary album, Over 10 Years. How emotional... 10 years ago on repeat! Just more awesome now.

FTISLAND will be making a comeback on their anniversary. How emotional...!!! 10 years ago on repeat. Just a lot more awesome now!

Anniversary is coming = Comeback is coming!!!

We have opened pre-orders for FTISLAND's Over 10 Years! ^^

Let's all unite in this and show our support for the boys!! PRIMADONNAS ARE AWESOME!!!


What you can do to help?

  1. Purchase the album
  2. Spread awareness 
  3. Contribute to any ongoing fanproject (for 5TIslandSG, #FT10SG is ongoing and will end by June 05. To check the details about this fanproject, kindly proceed here)

5TISLANDSG hopes to receive a total of minimum 50 orders from SG PRIMADONNAS!! Every album makes a difference! It'll be even better if we can buy more album per person so as to increase the sales~!!! ^^

Estimated amount of album is $28, inclusive of shipping fee

TO PLACE YOUR ORDER, kindly go to this link ^^

Pre-order deadline: June 5, 2017

Payment deadline: June 6, 2017 23:59 PM

Payment method: 

1. ATM Transfer: POSB Savings 200-69106-7
2. iBanking Transfer: POSB Savings 200-69106-7

Please send us the proof of your transaction via email at 5tislandsg@gmail.com with the subject [Over 10 Years Pre-Order] with your name as the content.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be reminded that if you'll choose a specific photocard, your albums will be unsealed. If you want your album to be sealed, put "SEALED" under photocard choice :)

For overseas fans, please email 5tislandsg@gmail.com!

Thank you once again Primadonnas for trusting 5TIslandSG! Happy 10th anniversary FT and Pris! ✨💕

DISCLAIMER: 5TISLANDSG IS NOT EARNING ANY PROFITS FROM PRIMADONNAS :) We are doing it purely out of love and commitment. Please understand that exchange rates are out of control. Extra will be refunded accordingly ^^



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