19 May 2017

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠FTISLAND 10th Anniversary Singapore Project: #FT10SG

Celebrating 10 Years with FTISLAND

Hello Primadonnas!

We know it sounds crazy, but with all the excitement and collaboration planning for FTISLAND's anniversary, why not Singapore Primadonnas do something special for FTISLAND's 10th Anniversary too??!!

What do you guys think??

Like we mentioned, time is TICKING, so will only be accepting donations until JUNE 5!!Here are the two fan-project we will be doing! ^^

Subway Ad Poster (~$600) per month @JAMSIL station

Coffee buzzer in cafe (video form) (~$570) 1 week / 10 stores

What do you need to do? Donate any amount :)

Current donation status: 30th May 2017

 Ways to contribute:
1. ATM Transfer: POSB Savings 200-69106-7
2. iBanking Transfer: POSB Savings 200-69106-7

After transferring, please email us at 5tislandsg@gmail.com with a snapshot of your transaction

Content of email:

Subject: [FT10SG]

Contact Number:
Amount Transferred:

Mode of payment: (ATM transfer/iBanking)

Important note: We insist that every transaction must be emailed to us for recording purposes! ^^

Let's unite Singaporean Primadonnas to show our love, passion and pride for FTISLAND who is turning 10!! T.T

Thank you for your usual support Singapore Primadonnas! All for the boys!


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