16 Apr 2019



Hello Primadonnas!

Hope you are doing good! If you remember, we previously launched a poll using Google Form to gather your interest regarding the type of fansupport we should be doing for FTISLAND this year! We really want to make the fansupport for the next 2-3 years special as they will be away for enlistment.

Here are the results, as voted by you!

Other than our own project, we will also be taking part in Primadonna Worldwide's fan-support project for the boys! Hurray, so let's get into it!


The money that will be gathered in this fundraising project will be allocated to the following

1) 5TISLANDSG own rice wreath at FTISLAND's final concert in Seoul

We are aiming for 50KG rice wreath on behalf of Singapore and 5TISLAND SINGAPORE.
Names of donors will be shown on the rice wreath.

Estimated cost: ~450SGD after conversion.

2) Self-organized fan projects by 5TISLANDSG 

a) Pledge to support a meaningful cause until FTISLAND returns from enlistment 

We are looking into Korea or local organisations. More information will come soon depending on how much money we have collected.

b) Singapore Cafe Event

Happening on the exact day of their anniversary, we will be holding a cafe event. Entry is free and for all to come. Do pop by with your pri/non pri fans to redeem a limited edition photocard and mystery gift! Simply purchase anything from O'maspoon to redeem the special gifts!

We hope you can help spread the message as its our first event in Singapore. If it becomes successful, we will think of holding a yearly one! ^^ 

c) Rice wreath support in Korea (refer to point 1 above).

3) Primadonna Worldwide support 

Primadonna Worldwide is planning to send a rice wreath to the Seoul concert, along with lunch support for FTISLAND and their staff for the 2nd day. Part of donation will be given to them to support their project.


For anyone who is interested to take part and give their support, please do fill up the details below!

Thank you for your continuous support and love for FT ISLAND!


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