2 Sept 2019


We are soooooo happy to announce this: FTISLAND IS BACK! Thank you for releasing FTISLAND's very last album before they enter army officially. If you don't know yet, Lee Hong Ki is set to enlist on 30th September 2019..... The rest will enlist in 2020.
On a bright note, they promised to come back quickly as a healthier and better version of FTISLAND! :)

Let's show our support as Primadonnas for the very last time (not good bye yet!) before their enlistment. We want to let them know that we will always be here waiting for them.

[Album Details]

1. SLEEVE : 153mm x 210mm x 13mm

2. CD : 118mm x 118mm

3. BOOKLET : 104p / 151mm x 210mm

4. FOLDING POSTER : 1 Random out of 4 different types / 418mm x 600mm

5. CONCEPT PHOTO CARD : 1 Random out of 4 different types  / 70mm x 120mm

6. SELFIE PHOTO CARD : 1 Random out of 8 different types  / 55mm x 85mm

7. POSTER : 1 Type / 770mm x 520mm


Just like our previous Korean Album preorder, if you choose to opt for 'UNSEALED' album, we will be allocating folding poster, concept photo card and selfie photo card according to your favourite member. If the slots for your selected member is taken up, item will be allocated randomly. If you want your album to be SEALED, please select SEALED!

Price: 23SGD/+ (might be adjusted according to various charges)

Order & Payment Deadline: 8th September, 23:59

******ORDER HERE********

Payment details will be provided after you submit your order :-)

Looking forward to your support and orders!


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