16 Jan 2020

FTISLANDSG: Enlistment Fan Support (1)

2020 has come and we want to send a New Year / Valentines Day parcel full of gifts and snacks to the boys (men in making? :P). Amount collected will be split fairly among the three members - Lee Hong Gi, Lee Jae Jin & Choi Min Hwan~ The parcels will be sent in different batches, depending on their enlistment date.

Every fan support pack will include:
Singaporean local snacks for FT member + their mates
Army essentials for FT member + their mates
General support message from FTISLANDSG to FT member + their mates
BONUS: Personal letters from Primadonna to FT member


Participation end date: 28th January 2020, 23:59
Singapore and International Primadonnas are welcomed to participate~
For international Pri, please contact us at 5tislandsg@gmail.com and we will send you a separate payment method.



We are collecting letters from you to be sent to them ^^ Please hand write them and send it to the address provided (you will see after completing the google forms). Receiver should receive by the stipulated deadline. Any late letters will be kept and sent in the next quarter.

Lee Honggi letter deadline: 31st January 2020
Lee Jaejin letter deadline: 29th February 2020
Choi Min Hwan letter deadline: 29th February 2020

Note: No personal gifts, only letters will be collected. Bonus event is only open to those who participated.

Fill in the form here: https://forms.gle/SVVvKhrbWTM22cTq8 


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