5 Mar 2020

FTISLANDSG: February Enlistment Welfare Pack (Lee Hongki ver.)

Hello Hello Primadonnas!! 
Once again, we would like to thank you for your support in making the Enlistment Welfare Pack Project a success!

Are you ready to see what we came up with for our Star Vocalist, Lee Hongki??
We can’t wait to share too!

Our concept for Hongki’s Welfare Pack is “Hongki’s Healing Trip to Singapore”. This is so apt now that Hongki’s leave got cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus. :(

Our main objective was to share with Hongki and his friends our popular and yummy Singaporean goodies! We hope that through our gifts, they would be transported to Singapore for a short while! Of course, the underlying plan is to make Hongki miss Singapore, and hopefully that will make FTISLAND come to Singapore again for events! :P 

We have also prepared a letter for our Hongstar! 
A combination of Korean, English and Singaporean letter. 

Lastly, we included a short letter for Hongki and his friends which comes in the form of a boarding pass! 

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the fans who took part in sending us their letters. Your letters have been well-received, carefully handled and packed nicely into our ‘Healing Gift Box’
*To note: Quantity of items are more than what is shown in images.

We hope you are pleased with what we have prepared! And most importantly, we hope that our gift box will carve a smile, and touch their hearts!

Thank you once again! Until next time. Primadonna the BEST!


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