24 Oct 2020

FTISLAND SINGAPORE: Never Ending Story & Love Like The Films & Love, Joy and Journey

Hi Primadonnas!

~Our Never Ending Story with Lee Hong Ki~

~Our Love Like The Films & Love, Joy and Journey with Lee Jae Jin~

Did you know? Before FTISLAND enlisted, both Lee Honggi and Lee Jae Jin came out with respective solo events last year. For those who couldn't attend, we're in luck! We can now watch their (farewell) events via their newly released DVD - yay! Just like their solo albums, the DVDs are beautifully named, how meaningful! So happy that these DVDs are released because it makes the wait slightly shorter and tolerable, just 1 more year, we can do it! :)

Pre-orders are open now!
Orders will close by 22 November 2020, 23:59!

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