3 Feb 2021

FTISLANDSG: FTISLAND Lifestyle Goods Preorder 2021

 Hi Primadonnas!

Happy New Year!

Start the new year right with these pretty and useful FTISLAND lifestyle goods! Most importantly, these goods are official items and you won’t be able to get them anywhere! 😍 Due to short timeline given by FNC, we will not be opening our preorder for a long time so we can process your orders ASAP. Buy first, think later, treat yourself this new year! 

A few more months and the boys will be coming out of army! For the meantime, stay safe and hope we can meet them again post-covid!

DEADLINE: 8th February, 23:59 

[Item Details]

******ORDER HERE********

Payment details will be provided after you submit your order :-)

NOTE: As conversion price depends on bank's rate, and prices here do not include shipping to Singapore, we will be collecting 2nd payment for that. Please do take note that exchange rates are out of our control ^^

For any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us through our social media accounts:
Twitter: @FTISG
Instagram: @ftislandsg

Email: 5tislandsg@gmail.com


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